While our attorneys have a depth and breadth of experience in many areas of law, our firm focuses on the following practice areas:

Business Transactions and Finance

We can help you make the most out of your business transactions.

LaDue Curran Kuehn regularly advises clients in a variety of business transactions and general corporate matters. We combine large-firm experience with a practical, responsive, and cost-effective approach to help our clients accomplish their goals, including advising on entity formation, corporate governance, succession planning and buy-sell agreements, mergers and acquisitions, joint venture, co-brand and private label transactions, licensing and service level agreements, purchasing and fulfillment matters.

In commercial lending, our perspective comes from extensive experience representing both lenders and borrowers in a broad range of secured and unsecured commercial lending transactions, including syndicated loan transactions, leveraged buyout financings, construction loan transactions, distressed-loan forbearance, restructuring, and sales.

Commercial Litigation

Our experience makes us efficient.

We’re proven trial attorneys, prepared to advocate on your behalf regardless of your case’s complexity. Our litigation practice covers a broad spectrum, from advisory work to representing clients in multi-party, multi-district litigation, and defending our successes on appeal. We have the depth, skill, and experience to handle the most complex and high-stakes disputes. While we welcome a trial, we know that the vast majority of lawsuits settle outside the courtroom. That’s why we develop the most efficient strategies for pretrial procedures and negotiations to achieve your goals.

Government Contracting

Government contracts can seem complicated. We can help.

LaDue Curran Kuehn attorneys can help you navigate the government contracting process, keep you compliant, and, once you secure the contract, ensure that you make the most of your opportunity. Our attorneys have represented a wide range of clients in the government contracting sector. But more importantly, they’ve also worked on the other side—as General Counsel for government contractors, where they earned first-hand experience managing the contracts they’ll be negotiating on your behalf. As a result of this experience, our attorneys have formed close relationships in the industry that can help you and your business succeed.


Your partners in medical malpractice defense and compliance.

LaDue Curran Kuehn provides a broad range of representation to providers in the healthcare field including risk management, patient safety, regulatory compliance, and litigation. We also offer complementary resources for healthcare providers in corporate, labor and employment, and transactional matters.

Our attorneys have represented healthcare institutions and professionals against a wide variety of medical malpractice claims, including catastrophic injury and death cases. We understand the personal nature of a medical malpractice suit and partner with each medical professional to guide them through litigation. We have the medical knowledge necessary to quickly understand the unique issues involved in each case and determine the best approach to defending or resolving them. In addition, our attorneys provide legal counsel in a wide range of matters uniquely affecting physician practices and other healthcare providers and entities, including physician contracting, HIPAA Compliance, healthcare IT, and compliance with anti-kickback, self-referral and other fraud and abuse laws and regulations.

Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property law experience spans decades—and industries.

In a knowledge economy, intellectual property is a valuable commodity. The attorneys at LaDue Curran Kuehn can help you protect your greatest asset: your ideas. From international orthopedic manufacturers to artists, from RV manufacturers to architects, we’ve helped clients across industries defend their patents, file and protect their trademarks and copyrights and—most importantly—maximize the commercial potential of their ideas in the marketplace.

Labor and Employment

Every business is different—that’s why we make your business our business.

It takes more than legal acumen to alleviate your company’s unique labor and employment concerns. It also takes a comprehensive view of your industry and operations. At LaDue Curran Kuehn, we address our clients' labor and employment issues in the broader context of their business operations. By knowing your business and sharing in your strategic vision and values, we work collaboratively to help you achieve solutions that manage your legal risks and accomplish your business goals.

We also help clients address workplace issues before they boil over into full-blown disputes. Through comprehensive problem-solving and counseling, our attorneys help employers prevent molehills from becoming mountains. When labor and employment disputes are unavoidable, we navigate our clients through the various administrative bodies and courts that decide employment disputes. Whether representing an individual or a company, we stay focused on getting you from problem to solution.

Real Estate

Our experience enables us to identify risk early—and save you money often.

The LaDue Curran Kuehn team has years of experience litigating commercial real estate disputes. Because we’ve worked extensively with the challenges that an unclear contract can create, we’re able to identify potential risks before negotiations even begin. We also know unnecessary negotiations can add unnecessary layers of cost and contention to a deal, two things that no one on either side wants. We’ll help you identify risk in your real estate deal and advocate effectively on your behalf, but we won’t waste your time and money fighting unnecessary battles.

Trusts and Estates

Estate planning is one of the most important things you can do for your family.

Utilizing the estate planning expertise of the attorneys at LaDue Curran Kuehn will ensure that everything you’ve worked so hard for is well taken care of. Our lawyers have been helping clients put their affairs in order for decades, providing a wide range of services. Navigating estate planning without an experienced attorney is a risky endeavor. One ambiguous turn of phrase in a legal document, one unbeknownst loophole or overlooked state law could compromise your family’s financial future. It’s simply a risk not worth taking. Let our attorneys’ expertise give you the peace of mind you deserve.